Bir Fizikçinin Gözüyle Ekonomi Bilimine Termodinamik Bir Bakış

Economy is a discipline by means of its structure which closely interests all humanities live non-stop whether
they are directly related or not which in a relationship with mathematic as calculations, psychology as searching
investor behaviors, sociology as searching social events, philosophy as structural reviews of the created environment and many kind of disciplines more. In this study based on a survey of the relevant literature, the
common features of economy with physics is a supporter in the recent years are revealed. Concept passed into world literature as Econophysics or alias Econphysics is defined. Econophysics is a study field tries to find
solutions to economic problem by using physical methods. The main tool is used by the econophysics are statistical and probability methods are taken from statistical physics frequently. Information related to implementation of the laws of thermodynamics which is the branch dealing with the energy and physical energy exchange economic problems are given. The laws of thermodynamics have a very general validity and they do not change depending on the characteristics of the studied system. In this regard, how thermodynamic physics are applied into economics practices are given in detail.